About Us

Who We Are

Our Vision

Asian Fresh would like to change the dynamics of Asian fresh food in UK. We want to bring the farm foods freshly from Asia, shipping it in quick time and delivering directly to the home in UK. Asian Fresh is going to cover different parts of Asia to provide great selection of products.

Our Mission

We started the site with the sole aim of providing the Fresh foods at affordable costs to all. People who likes Asian farm products or those who want to try Asian food products find it pricey in UK and Europe and we decided to challenge that and are going to offer the products at 30% less than the standard price.

Who We Are

Asian Fresh is a fresh farm produce suppliers based in London with offices in India and Sri lanka offering UK nationwide deliveries.

Currently we are offering diverse product portfolio ranging from fresh fruits and vegetables, farm produces, diary products, breads, spices, rice and other household products. Our deliveries are carefully arranged to retain the freshness of the product. All products are fresh from farm and therefore we are currently offering 5 days of delivery only with 2 days, we are leaving to ensure the stocks are ready for fresh supply.

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