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Arugampul / Scutch grass / Bermuda grass / Cynodon dactylon / Dhoob /dūrvā grass / ethana grass / dubo / Bahama grass / Indian doab / grama


Cynodon dactylon, known as Bermuda grass, Dhoob, dūrvā grass, ethana grass, dubo, dog’s tooth grass, Bahama grass, devil’s grass, couch grass, Indian doab, arugampul, grama, wiregrass and scutch grass, is a grass that is native to most of the eastern hemisphere. Although it is not native to Bermuda, it is an abundant invasive species there. In Bermuda it has been known as crab grass.

The blades are a grey-green colour and are short, usually 2–15 cm (0.79–5.91 in) long with rough edges. The erect stems can grow 1–30 cm (0.39–11.81 in) tall. The stems are slightly flattened, often tinged purple in colour.



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